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"Kolobok"is the name of a Russian folk tale.
Kolobok is a spherical cake that keeps growing
rolls and tells its funny stories to everyone it meets along the way. He is lovely to look at, always cheerful and very friendly. He is smart, can sing and
quickly rolls away from all difficulties.

Since we are a mobileWe have theater that fits into every room and tells lots of funny stories
decided to name our children's theater Kolobok. Kolobok was founded in 1996 and sees itself as an intercultural theater for children.

The theater performancetakes place on any table surface. The backdrops are made of cardboard
and move the cut figures (images).
itself using small magnets. The theater works visually
like an enlarged book in which pictures, like in the
Animated film, suddenly come alive. We can do everyone
Turn a room into a theatre!

Janna und Galina Jarkova

Janna Jarkova (right). Doctor from Moscow, loves in Hamburg since 1993. In our theater she writes scenarios,
tells the stories and performs the puppet show.
She works together with illustrators
ideas for the stage design and the fairy tale characters.
She came up with the idea of the table theater for children.

Gala Jarkova. Studies and diploma at the State Pedagogical Music Academy Gnessin in Moscow,
and at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg. Since 1996 composer and musical performer of the children's theater on the table Kolobok.
Since 1999 director of the choir Klezmerlech der LJGH.
Since 2007 head of the children group der LJGH.


Gala Jarkova has recorded 9 children's musicals in Hamburg:
The Clever Little Mouse 1999; An oak tree stands on the seashore 1999; The Miraculous Cat 2000;
The Hare, the Fox and the Rooster 2001; The Bar 2002;

The Miraculous Musicians celebrate Purim 2005;
The Miraculous Musicians celebrate Hanukkah 2005;
The Winter Story 2006; Paradise in the Laubhutte 2007.
She has published 3 songbooks of Jewish songs in Jewish and Russian.

ExperienceYou with Kolobok a musical puppet show - lovingly designed hand puppets lead through the story, the individual scenes of which are designed like in an animated film by magnetic table puppets. The story is framed by musical interludes of singing, flute, drums and rattles.

All performances are in German and Russian and last about 60 minutes

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