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Our fundamental values

We promote a contemporary interpretation of Judaism and Jewish practice. We champion equality between the sexes and support all lifestyles. We represent openness and respect for all of creation.

Our shared mission

Our community promotes the critical reflection on traditional and modern practices. This includes adapted forms of services, festivals and our day-to-day dealings with each other.

  • We welcome patrilineal Jews and non-Jewish partners to our community life.

  • We represent equality regardless of sexual orientation..

  • Our services are led by both male and female rabbis.

  • We promote bat mitzvahs for girls and aliyot for women.

We explicitly champion interfaith dialogue in Hamburg and work towards achieving
positive cooperation with people of different faiths, religions and cultures.

As well as taking social responsibility, maintaining ethical values and promoting active,
vibrant Jewish life in the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.


Principles of progressive Judaism

Our principles and activities are based on the “35 Principles of Progressive Judaism”, as formulated by our umbrella organisation, the Union Progressiver Juden in Deutschland KdöR.

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