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Would you like to support our community?

For the future, as a liberal community, we would like to preserve our religious autonomy and strengthen the foundation of the diversity of the Jewish faith. It is very important to us to be able to give the Israelite Temple Association a home again after the loss of our two synagogues.


A private liberal synagogue in Hamburg

We are therefore very happy about donations for our own synagogue. We are also happy to receive earmarked and free donations to maintain spiritual life.


Israelite Temple Association - Liberal Jewish Community Hamburg

Bank details


IBAN: DE84 2008 0000 0762 0706 00



donation account


IBAN: DE94 2005 0550 1294 1251 98



Please indicate "free donation" as the intended purpose. If you want to donate for a specific purpose, please also state this (e.g.:  "Synagogue", "Torah scroll", "Kiddush",...).




donation receipt

In order to issue a donation receipt, we also need your contact details.


Thank you very much for your support.

Do You Have Questions?

We're here to help. Pleaseto contactour parish office.

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