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The Jewish Choir Klezmerlech

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Klezmerlech Jewish Choir eV
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from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m

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Our choir

was founded in 1999 in the Jewish community of Hamburg. Since 2003 the choir has functioned independently. He has been cooperating with the Liberal Jewish Community in Hamburg since 2004 and provides music for community events. The choir has around 20 members, most of whom come from the former Soviet Union. The aim and task of our choir are: to make Yiddish songs of the 19th century and modern Israeli songs and dances popular.

The performances look like small, musical productions. A beautiful combination of texts, songs, dances and klezmer music is presented to the viewer. Colorful images of Jewish life are reminiscent of the not entirely forgotten tradition of klezmer music. Some choir members experienced this tradition in their childhood and are now continuing it. This builds a bridge between old and new generations and culture is not forgotten.

Many performances in Hamburg, Flensburg, Kiel, Lübeck and Bremen, in German, Yiddish and Russian, have inspired many people. The art was to touch the viewer's soul and arouse their emotions. During the performances, no one in the audience remained indifferent. Afterwards, many people came to say thank you. It is important for us not only to offer Jewish people a cultural home, but also to arouse interest in Jewish culture and history among non-Jewish viewers. Lately our concerts have been attended more and more by younger people.

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Galina Jarkova, musical direction

was born in 1970 in Odessa (Ukraine). She graduated from the Ippolitov-Iwanov Music School in Moscow and then studied flute at the State Pedagogical Academy of Music in Moscow. In 1988 she was a prizewinner in the State Competition for Woodwind Instruments in Moscow.

Since 1989 she has given concerts as a soloist and as a member of various chamber music ensembles in Russia, and from 1995 also in Germany. After emigrating to Germany, she continued her education at the University of Music and Theater in Hamburg. There she completed her studies with a diploma in June 1999. Since 1998 she has been giving solo concerts "Klezmer meets flute". Since 1996 she has also been the musical director, composer and musician of the play-along theater “Kolobok”. In 1999 Galina Jarkova founded the choir "Klezmerlech" and successfully directs performances in Hamburg and Northern Germany.


Galina Jarkova has recorded 2 children's musicals on CD and published 2 songbooks "Yiddish Songs in Jewish and Russian". In 2004 she received a special award from Federal President Johannes Rau for her commitment and was invited to the Federal President's New Year's reception on January 7, 2004 at Belleveu Palace in Berlin.


Yanna Jarkova, author

was born in Odessa (Ukraine) in 1938. She was a doctor by profession. During World War II she was evacuated with her family to a place near Cheliabinsk (Central Russia) where many Jews from Belarus, Ukraine and the Baltic States lived. The grandfather was very religious and gathered all the Jews of this place in his apartment. They prayed together and sang Yiddish songs. Janna Jarkova learned these songs back then and still knows them today. She thinks that every song contains a part of life. It is important to understand what each song is about. Janna Jarkova is happy to have found a new form of performances to convey the atmosphere of ancient Jewish festivals to the audience.


Klara Grinstejn, soloists

was born in Bobrujsk (Belarus) in 1933. She only heard Yiddish songs and language on the streets and in shops. It was forbidden to speak Yiddish at home because the father was a member of the communist party. Klara Grinstejn graduated from the Leningrad Conservatory with a diploma in piano. Since then she has been teaching piano for children and giving various concerts, workshops and music events for children and parents. She only started singing on stage in the “Klezmerlech” choir. In doing so, she discovered her great inclination towards Yiddish songs and developed an extraordinary mastery.

Our dance group

Israeli dance is an important part of Jewish culture that connects people, creates a benevolent atmosphere, and lifts spirits. These dances are part of our cultural heritage, which means that people who don't know each other can dance them together immediately - even if they come from different countries or cities.

The leaders of the dance groups met each other mainly at the dance seminars in Bad Soberheim from the ZwST under the direction of Tiorza Hodos. We want to pass on this beautiful experience of dancing together, the positive, good atmosphere, the feeling of friendship, joy and cheerfulness to our successors.

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